When Christians Lie

When do Christian most frequently lie? You might expect it would be when no other Christian can hear them. Or to escape from personal hardship. You'd be wrong. It's when we all together sing: "we lift up holy hands" or "we will dance with joy like we're dancing now" or "I'm falling on my knees". Why do we do this, and what kind of effect does it have on our spirituality? For one, it would seem to incline all of us to take what we're saying less seriously. If we're lying about our physical worship, what's the big deal if we sing "You are Lord" but really don't mean it or attempt to live as if it is true? Part of the 'problem' is cultural: we are embarrassed, thinking bodily worship is ostentatious and for show. Often it is. And so is giving money to the church, but we shouldn't stop tithing. So are public prayers, but we don't stop praying. What would it be like if worship leaders actually had the courage to lead worshippers not just in vocal worship (which is meant to indicate heart worship), but in bodily worship (which shows forth the reality of God's Lordship over our physical actions)? A posture of contrition might not equal contrition, but it is a good step toward changing our hearts and they enable us to give fuller expression to what we may only weakly feel within us, until, uniting our bodies with our minds, we worship as a living sacrifice. Want to take a risk? Enact your words of worship.


  1. "Want to take a risk? Enact your words of worship."

    Something interesting happened the other night at The Annex (think The Inn, but at First Pres Boulder): We were singing a song and there was a line about lifting our hands up, I thought about this post and decided to try it. It was interesting and different, in a good way. I suspect I'll be doing it more.

    Thanks for the push.