New Wineskins for New Wine: My interview on Rose City Forum

The bit of buzz in Seattle around my research into church planting in the city led to this hour-long interview with Andee Zommerman, host of the Rose City Forum in Portland. The show has recently hosted such guests as Doug Pagitt, Christian Piatt, and Rachel Held Evans.

The conversation ranged from the nature of religious life in the Pacific Northwest to the theology behind "third place" approaches to Christian ministry.

You can listen to the Rose City Forum interview here. Find 5/4/2015. 

If you're interested in learning more, listen to my interview on the RePlacing Church Podcast with Ben Katt here.
Or you can check out King 5 News coverage of my research and several churches included in the study here and my interview with Marcie Sillman, of Seattle's NPR affiliate, KUOW, here.  

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