'The Future of Religion: A Researcher (that's me) looks to Seattle for clues' [NPR interview]

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised when I got an email from NPR's affiliate in Seattle (KUOW) asking about my research on church plants in Seattle, and what it suggests about the future of church in the urban, American context.  The interview with Marcie Sillman was a blast, and it was a privilege to get to tell a different, more hopeful narrative than the dominant one these days about religious decline.  I'm not disputing that the numbers can tell that story, I'm simply pointing out that decline, death, and disaffiliation aren't the only thing happening.

The Easter season is a time in which Christians are called to meditate on the central Christian story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  It's a good time to be reminded that the Easter story means--among other things--that even in places of apparent defeat and despair, God is actually at work bringing forth new life and hope for the future. My research suggests that this is concretely true, even in the 'None Zone.'

You can listen to the 5 minute interview here

If you're interested in learning more, you can check out King 5 News coverage of my research and several churches included in the study here and an extended interview on Portland's Rose City Forum here

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