A Proverbs 31 Dog

Epilogue: A Dog of Noble Character A pet of noble character who can find? It is worth much more than an iPhone.
Its owner has complete confidence in it, and he has everything he needs.
It brings him good, not harm, all the dog-years of its life.
It retrieves slippers and the morning paper and does so with eager jaws.
It is like an UPS truck, bringing goods from afar.
It gets up early and scares away burglars, providing safety for its master.
It chooses the way to go on its walk and drags its owner on.
It runs vigorously, its legs are beefy.
It sees that it has not made a mess, and it watches over the house by night.
In its jaws are rats and rodents.
It cuddles next to the poor and gets petted by the needy.
When it snows, it has no fear because its master’s slippers are near to him.
It gathers blankets for it’s bed, and is well groomed.
Its master is an established businessman in the office.
It rids the property of vermin and buries them.
It is known for its strength and loyalty, it can laugh at the next dog-year.
It barks truthfully, and it directs its master wisely.
It protects the property of its master, and is not a lazy dog.
The master’s children call it special, and the master boasts of it: “Many dogs are loyal, but you more than them all.”
Barks are deceptive and cute puppies grow up; but a dog who is noble is to be praised.
Give it the doggy bone it deserves and let it win the blue ribbon at the dog show.

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  1. "like a UPS truck, bringing goods from afar." ha ha ha. I've never seen this one before? Is this a James original?