John Ortberg on Monvee and the Future of Spiritual Formation

"God is a handcrafter, not a mass producer," says John Ortberg a video promoting monvee.   Monvee is a innovative use of technology providing customized spiritual growth plans that take into account your learning style, your personality, your spiritual pathway, your stage of life and your signature sin.  Monvee allows church leaders to actually come along side their congregations and say "we want to help you become like Jesus in the way that will work best for you" rather than measuring success on how many people have been cajoled into participation in their discipleship class or small groups.  Prominent churches across the country will be launching monvee this Fall.  The video below includes some of the themes in Ortberg's newest book, The Me I Want to Be, quite possibly his best yet.

Find out more about monvee at and watch this preview video.


  1. People better check out what Monvee is before buying into this garbage...

  2. Deb/Jack,

    Thanks for the comment. I do encourage people to look into Monvee before buying (or criticizing) it. Have you actually used monvee?