Karate Kid and the Jesus Dojo

Fans of the original Karate Kid can't fail to remember these words: "Wax on! Wax off!"  But lesser known is the lesson they conveyed - for Daniel-son - and for us.

As you watch the clips below, try substituting Jesus for Mr. Miagi, yourself for Daniel-son, spiritual disciplines for washing, waxing, sanding and painting and Kingdom-living for Karate.

Just as Daniel's training for the fight was won through indirect training of his impulses, so our quest for Christlikeness must be undertaken by enrolling in the Jesus Dojo* - where we intentionally learn the motions of grace which enable us to live in the Kingdom of God.

*The real Jesus Dojo is the name of an intriguing project of ReImagine which focuses on inviting people into the way of Jesus (his practices) before formal commitment to any particular doctrine.

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