The New Calvinism's definition quotes Wikipedia:
The New Calvinism is a growing perspective within conservative Evangelicalism that embraces the fundamentals of 16th century Calvinism while also trying to be relevant in the present day world. In March 2009, TIME magazine ranked it as one of the "10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now."
Some of the major movers in this area are John Piper, Mark Driscoll, C.J. Mahaney, Joshua Harris, and Al Mohler.

Here are a few interesting articles on New Calvinism.

Time Magazine called "The New Calvinism" one of "10 ideas changing our world now."  

Christianity Today published a relevant article on the Young Reformed and Restless touching on the same issues as the book by the same title.

The Barna Group shows that there is no appreciable resurgence of Calvinist Churches in this recent research.

Here's my work on Calvin's Gospel of Predestination, and some critical engagement with his doctrine of election


  1. I used to be quite excited about this, when I was more Calvinist. Still, I'm glad that they are reaching people with the Gospel, even if they put what I would see as an unwarranted emphasis on their doctrine of God's sovereignty.

    Interestingly, this whole group also has a strong tendency to be complementarian.

  2. Wow, if all my favorite people are into it, I guess I should be too. Just kidding! I do consider myself Reformed, but wouldn't call myself Calvinist, because I cannot agree to all five points.