Lord, Save Us From the American Patriot's Bible: Christian Magazine Ads Face to Face

This unlikely pair of mutually illuminating ads appeared on opposite pages in a popular evangelical magazine a couple years ago.  After narrowly averting the inclination of my gag-reflex, I laughed out loud at the sad irony. (You'll want to click it to enlarge and read the text).

Lord, Save us From Your Followers, the movie, poses a question as a subtitle:  Why is the Gospel of love dividing America?  To which the opposite page would seem to provide a clue with the suggestion that the Last Supper and Signing of the Declaration of Independence were moments when history repeated itself.  The second ad is peddling the American Patriot's Bible.

I can't help but wonder if the pairing was the unspoken commentary of an editor...or divine happenstance.

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