Practical Theology: A Definition and Bibliography

"What are you studying?"
"Practical Theology." 
(Smile) "Is there really such a thing? Ha! But seriously, what is practical theology?"

That's usually how the conversation goes.  Here's my long doctoral exam answer to that question:

Practical theology is theological description, interpretation and construction undertaken by Christians-in-community that attends to concrete contemporary situations and practices by welcoming relevant human disciplines into the Christian tradition’s critical reflection in order to discern the presence, praxis and, most importantly, the call of God, so that Christ’s church in the world can respond faithfully in discipleship and mission to the glory of God and for the good of the world.

Or in other words, it's Christians paying disciplined attention to situations and to God so that they can discern how God is calling them, and decide upon a next faithful step. 

Here's the bibliography I used for my doctoral exam on the discipline of practical theology:
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