Book Reviews of Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil: Theology and Practice by Christopher James

Nothing makes an author more grateful than to have his or her work read and engaged critically. So it is a real honor that Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil has been reviewed by a dozen different journals. Check out what these reviewers had to say!  


International Bulletin of Mission Research | Volume 42 no 1 178-9

"One of the top ten outstanding books of 2017 for mission studies."

Ecclesiology: The Journal for Ministry, Mission and Unity | Volume 14 no 3 2018, p 352-354.

"Those applauding the book are themselves leading lights in the field of practical ecclesiology, and we know that we can therefore expect a study that is theologically astute, as well as empirically grounded. James’ book does not disappoint." --Martyn Percy


Englewood Review of Books | May 2018

"The strength of his work lies in his synthesis of work across different fields. He writes, “Church is a diverse, complex, and simultaneously sociocultural and theological reality. Expressing this reality can be done only by exceeding genre boundaries and integrating them as a spectrum of multidiscplinary perspectives” (11). That insight enables him to actively engage with actual church communities in a variety of ways while applying ecclesiological thinking to his data." --Justin Cober-Lake


Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society | Volume 61 no 2 Jun 2018, p 423-427

" exempla­ry case study in the performance and application of practical ecclesiology." --D. Alan Blanc

Homiletic: The Journal of the Academy of Homiletics | Volume 43 no 2 2018, p 54-55.

"Overall, this book is well-conceived and executed. It deserves careful attention for classrooms, churches, and theological libraries." --Nelson Cowan


Missiology: An International Review | Volume 47 no 1 Jan 2019, p 89

"Engagingly written and well researched, this volume is an important contribution to the literature on church planting in the West. What makes it stand apart from most texts on church planting is its solid grounding in empirical research...
Church planters serving in the Global North, as well as those involved in their preparation, training, and oversight, should carefully study this book. It would make an excellent resource for a church-planting community of practice or for an advanced class on church planting in the West. The author’s weaving together of sociological and ecclesiological insights to describe and evaluate current models and offer proposals for church planting in a post-Christian context is exemplary." --Richard Hibbert


Dialog: A Journal of Theology | Volume 59 no 1 Spring 2020, p 43-45

"The book offers both practical wisdom for church planters in various contexts and methodological guidance for theologians working at the intersection of theology and social science...James’s careful social science work in service of a practical ecclesiology adds weight and nuance to such conversations. For denominational decision-makers, scholars of mission and church planting, pastors, and church planters in cities like Seattle, James’s research and conclusions will be valuable and generative." --Scott Hagley 


Theological Studies: A Journal of Academic Theology | Volume 80 no 2 Jun 2019, p 475-477

"...important contributions to several academic fields, including ethnography, sociology of religion, congregational studies, missiology, evangelism, ecclesiology, and practical theology. This book should appeal not only to academics but to all who are concerned with the health and vitality of the Church in a changing North America.

 Witness: Journal of the Association for Evangelism in Theological Education | Volume 33 (2019)

"Church planters, as well as ecclesial leaders responsible for nurturing church planting movements, who believe that engaging an increasingly post-Christian U.S. is vital to missional faithfulness will find this book incredibly insightful and informative." --Jack Johnson

Istina | Volume 64 no 3 Jul - Sep 2019, p 411-412 (in French) 

I don't read French -- so I have no idea what they said about my book. :)

Practical Theology | Volume 13 no 1 - no 2 Mar 2020, p 185-187

"breaks new ground...a great book, not just a good one." --Nigel Rooms

Ecclesial Futures | Volume 1 Issue 2 

"James's chapter on missional theological assessment was particular engaging, exploring the nature of the church itself starting with an overview of missional theology and its implications for each of the four models." --Kristine Stache


You can pick up a copy here.

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