Searching for Jesus (on Google)

Despite the outcry of many that the world is running from God, Google tells another story.

Every month 1 million people search for "Jesus" on Google. One of them works in your grocery store. One of them is your neighbor. One of them in your co-worker. One of them is in your family. Maybe you could save them the trouble, and see if they have any questions about Jesus that you could answer.

A respected friend of mine told me he is 10 years into an experiment. Every time someone makes a reference in conversation to religion, or spirituality or philosophy, he is committed to following up with a question. Maybe, "Tell me more about what you believe" or "What has your life experience been around that?" or "What do you think about the Christian claim that ____?" He said despite his fears - he has not been fired, or scared off any friends. To the contrary, grateful friends have made for meaningful conversations, and a few decisions to follow Jesus.

I challenge you to take on the Follow-Up Challenge. Don't miss the opportunity. Trust me, you'll give better perspective than they'll find from a Google search.

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