Monvee: The Intersection of Technology and Spiritual Formation

Have you heard about monvee? If not, you're in for a treat. You want to become like Jesus. So you ask a pastor, or a friend what your next step is. And they tell you what worked for them. But after two months of journaling, you feel like it's just not working, so you give up on that. You go to the Christian bookstore. You see one book prominently displayed that promises to help you grow spiritually. Then you seen another, and another, and 1000 more. You can't decide which one to buy, so you go home. You go to You type in words like "jesus" and "spiritual growth" and you see millions of links. It's the blessing and curse of the information age: there is almost endless access to resources for spiritual growth - and virtually no unbiased, customized help for individuals like you to figure out where to start. What if you could get advice about your next step toward Christlikeness from the combined feedback of hundreds or thousands of people just like you. People who have your learning style, your spiritual pathway, folks at your stage of maturity who share your personality temperament and struggle with the same stuff as you? Welcome to monvee. It's still in developing stages, but it promises to be the most revolutionary use of internet technology for spiritual formation yet. Which is why folks like Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, Bob Buford, David Loveless, Tom Wilson, Mike Breaux and me are talking about it. (Like how I slipped myself in there?) If you're familiar with Dallas Willard's acronym for the process of spiritual growth: V.I.M. (Vision - Intention - Means) then think of Monvee as the bridge between the INTENTION to grow and the MEANS what will open you most effectively to the forming work of the Holy Spirit. It's no silver bullet, but there's nothing like it. Want to know more? Explore.

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    I am not able to get on the Monvee website. Any suggestions?

    Dawn Swanson