Need a Simple Church Website? Consider Crossroads Premium WordPress Theme

A church I served not too long ago had quite a prolonged fiasco trying to upgrade their severely dated and impractical website.  Literally, years and thousands of dollars later, they settled for one that, in my opinion is barely par. While this waste of funds was unfortunate for this church, their size and budget meant that hardly anyone noticed.  But if you're leading in a small or medium-size congregation, this simply isn't an option. And yet, you know your website needs an upgrade. You're going to want to check this out.

Aristech Media has created a theme for the WordPress platform that is simple, attractive and effective--and ridiculously affordable at $32. Even better, if you're the first person to comment on this post I'll get you a free copy of the theme. You can check out a live demo here.

It has some nice features such as Google Maps integration, a built-in contact form, flexibility in layouts and a jquery-powered slideshow.

One of my favorite things about the theme is that it's loaded with slots for images, giving it a contemporary feel unlike some church websites that are drowning in text.  

Take a look for yourself at the Crossroads Premium Church Theme.


  1. i want a free copy of the theme! and I love wordpress. Thanks for the suggestion Chris (or Lyndsay) ... hope to see ya'll soon

  2. Hey Will, good to hear from you. You're the winner, so I'll get this copy to you as soon as I get it. -Chris

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